2012 Not in our job description!

I sometimes wonder why so many grasp onto devastation but not to the opposite; This is where the internet becomes dangerous when you can GOOGLE OR BING “THE END OF THE WORLD” Wow! I guess God “Wiki’s” now! A quick thought! Since “we” know when the world is going to end we should be scared beyond measure! All of us fall short of the Glory of God. We should all get busy cleaning up this mess so that we have at least a slight chance of going to heaven…

Yes we are witnessing climate change and natural disaster, not to mention corruption unthinkable and other things that raise a brow or two but the day of demise can come in the next moment depending upon what God has planned for you and as for this earth… we all know God gaveth and God can taketh away whenever he pleases without notice and definetly without the internet or Nostradamus!

Besides what can you do about it~!