Something New

I am headed for “Fresh beginnings”  something new.   Never have I been away from my home state with no intention of returning to reside.  This is my crossroads; I can choose to stay and endure the havoc that is brewing or move on.

There is potential chaos that awaits this state with the economic depression, the loss of more jobs, the increase in state income tax, the corruption and the now the lack of educators to teach the children in Illinois schools!  Wow this state took a nose dive and I have been riding this ride long enough!

I am aware that every state has its burdens but this one is heavier than all of them 11% unemployment COME ON and this is higher than the national average!

It’s hard to work temporary or permanent here;  If you have too much experience you are a threat to someone elses job and they find a way to discredit you and  inexperience is just as bad.

Okay I’m off of my soap box now.  I am on the road to fresh beginnings….. The days seem brighter and I will keep a positive attitude.  I am prayerful and hopeful that all goes well!  CHANGE IS INEVITABLE!


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