Domestic Violence and Selective Memory Loss

I really don’t like exposing myself to this extent but I have dealt with the memory of my mother getting her jaws broken, her front teeth knocked out and her behind beat to a pulp by a now deceased Harvey Police Officer Ray Cobb.

I spent endless days wondering if  “it” was about me?  The sickness in this situation is that my mother was NEVER married to his man, assumed his last name as if they were married as I resided with them and lived in total silence  as he ignored me and treated me as if I were not there, I was only to speak when spoken to and could not eat a family dinner but had to eat alone.  Did I mention I watched the beatings closer than ever. 

The day that we left that dreaded address of 15320 Marshfield, Harvey, IL  was in no way a happy day for my mom who was seriously beaten and knocked in the mouth with a bee bee gun that resembled a shot gun.

It was a great day of liberation for me. 

I don’t feel bad for feeling good about it … My mother the same woman that was a victim of this type of violence is pushing my forgiveness toward my brother but not pushing his apology and to top it off!  She now tells me (after I explain the effect that domestic violence had on me as if she wouldn’t know) that things did not happen the way that I rememeber! 


I even have sworn that in my life I would not resume a relationship with any man that ever put his hands on me or give me any indication that he would put his hands on me thus it should not be surprising that I am apprehensive about dealing with this current family dillema.


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