~ Palau Italy~

It’s Friday  June of 1993 and yes I had probably just gotten paid.  I was in the Navy and loving life.  The day before my shipmate / roommate  Lasandra and I picked up our favorite after work cocktail “Peach Schnapps and Orange Juice”  it was time to get our party on!

On the way home (walking of course)  through the picturesque streets of Palau  I stop by the Cafe and pick up a Rotisserie Chicken (better than any that you would taste here in the states) and hit the next curve around to the most beautiful sight that I could imagine seeing, My apartment sitting directly on a gorgeous mediterranean beach of white sand and Safire water. 

Sandy had all of the doors open and I could hear the music of  R-Kelly coming from our place!  As I walked through the door there was that crazy yet familiar scent of BURNT BOLOGNA emitting from the kitchen!  My roommate had a thing for Burnt Bologna with cheese and mustard sandwiches and let us not forget the Peach Schnapps and Orange Juice.

The party was about to start… our friends were coming by for cards and a cookout!  There is nothing like good friends and a good time.

I miss yall!


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