What it is.

What is happy? something that we all wish to feel, is it real hmm. I sometimes doubt it, but what about it?  what is love, only from Jehova Jyra, my provider, no man can love me the way that he does. What is loneliness? that I can tell you but not to overwelm you, there are many that are lonely and not alone, some reach for the phone, some have a man at home.  but still there is the lonliness, the emptiness. the solitude that one could be sharing with someone that wishes to be in the others company. What is dysfunction? our mothers, fathers and brothers, our sisters, cousins and lovers.  Those that funcition by ruining your life and have no business of their own.  Main goal destruction … now that’s dysfunction. I want my life and promises and I want them now! Enought time wasted…. do your own thing and leave my thing alone! Copyright August 17, 2008


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