Disrespecting Daddy!

It’s amazing that a 30 year old woman can’t get a grip!  To protect the identity of this younglady I’ll just call her Abbey.

This  young lady a mother of 2 and in a relationship herself  fails to acknowledge that her mother  and father are no longer together.  Dad is now happily or shall I say blissfully  married to someone else and has been for 12 years!

In an effort or several efforts to ruin this second marriage unsuccessfully, Abbey has resorted to turning the Grandchildren against their grandfather and anyone else in the family that will listen for that matter.

Abbey is ANGRY / INFURIATED  as she see’s her mom hurting but fails to realize that her mom walked out of the marriage with Dad 2 years prior to his decision to move on.   In explanation Dad had issues, serious issues and is now “Born Again”,  This man has literally gone from rags to riches on a personal note meaning that he found himself upon losing his first wife and has grown beyond measure.   Dad was living a life of mental incarceration  with his ex wife of 20 years unfulfilled and unaware of his true potential.

With all of this said, Abbey remains consistent in opposing Dad’s happiness.   Dad is now estranged from his family, Nieces and nephews, Abbey and her children and one of his older brothers.  Each of these people with an exception of maybe 2 are unhappy in a relationship or without one and have jumped on this younglady’s bandwagon.  Dad has not been invited to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners and exluded from reunions of any type.   There is basically no communication with his family

Unaware of any of the fabrications told to his family by Abbey, Dad holds out and prays daily for their healing especially Abbey’s. 

Nonetheless,  Abbey continues to spew hatred and curse out Dad’s new wife, accuses Dad of having problems with his “established family” and choosing his “new family” over them and finally accusing Dad of having her children in harms way when they visit with him (not even thinking of how ridiculous that she sounds or even taking inconsideration that  he raised Abbey and her brother Darren as a full time dad while her mom worked constantly as she rarely had time for Abbey and her brother).

Dad has grown by leaps and bounds by discovering his potential learning to trust and to love once again, continuing his education in order to obtain his J.D. and traveling for recreation and not for an employer. 

Abbey maintains an unhealthy attitude in her unhappy life within her miserable household!


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