Deceptive Practices

Is it me or did I just get played by a clown with a red wig ONCE AGAIN!

On this beautiful Tuesday morning I had a few minutes to spare and I was a little bit hungry on the way to work when I saw the sign that said $1.00 Sausage McMuffin, well the price was right and because I am watching what I eat I decided “Why Not”,  I carefully order the Sausage McMuffin and Sweet Tea both $1.00 RIGHT?   WRONG! My bill was $3.49 (including Chicago’s astronomical taxes but that’s another story)  and when I asked about this the cashier said “It’s a dollar when you order without egg!”   Not to mention that when I ordered the Sweet Tea I had to make sure that the size was the correct size for $1.00,  Anyway by this time I had already paid for the sandwich and was a bit upset about the matter and then it hit me!   I have been here before …. I thought to myself  “Remember the double cheeseburger that was more than $1.00 when the sign clearly stated $1.00 and because there was another name for it “double with cheese” the price was higher or what about the time that Sweet Tea was $1.00 for the supersize and when that was ordered the promotion was over but the sign was still being displayed and the manager had to be called”.  Ok I know that it is not a big deal, but this can be considered Deceptive Practices because the consumer was not informed prior to order or when ordering.

I am not trying to come off as  some $1.00 freak too cheap to buy the meal  but this is not right and while McDonald’s teaches and preaches customer satisfaction to their employee’s like nobody’s business this should be addressed.   Clarity and honesty go a long way increasing profits and helping to maintaining “the good reputation” of a company. 



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  1. You ain’t never lied!

    I am all for businesses making a profit, but when they start screwing people over THAT’S when I draw the line (and people wonder why Democrats are crying out for more regulation everywhere… sheesh).

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