Losing Society

I am just sitting here unable to stop crying as I listen to a new report as I did when the story was first aired about the young man Honor Student Derrion  that was beaten to death walking home from Fenger High School in Chicago’s Roseland community.

 I found myself almost hyperventilating, I could not help the tears and my heart just went out to his family but for the most part it went out to him.   I hurt so bad.

 As I have pride for the children and young adults that accomplish greatness I have sorrow for those whom we don’t get a chance to benefit from their greatness.  Just think if this had happened to individuals as great as our African American leaders today and of OUR history.  We would not enjoy most if not all of our freedoms and privileges if it weren’t for their greatness, accomplishments and their fight in getting us where we are today!

 “Our people perish because of their lack of knowledge”! 

Remember our bedtime prayer? “Now I lay down to sleep, I pray the Lord MY SOUL TO KEEP!  PLEASE TEACH ME LORD WHAT IS RIGHT and protect me Lord all day and night!   Are we even teaching this prayer to our children these days?   

 Do we pray at night with our children?  Do we pray with them before our day begins? 

As you can see the CPD were there when Derrion was suffering from what reports say and because they were outnumbered did nothing as it is assumed that they awaited backup.   Who is providing protection for our children other than God and ourselves?

 I have realized that some individuals that are just oblivious.  There are so many reasons that children grow up violent and angry;  we can think of a million can’t we?  But what really matters is if you know (whether you care or not) that you have a child or children with a problem, it is YOUR responsibility to GET HELP FOR THEM!   There is even free assistance.  This does not happen overnight there are serious tell tale signs from as early as age 3.   If you don’t  get help for them a system that does not care will do it for you and it may mean a lifetime or death row!  The lives of the victims family and the culprits families have all been changed because SOMEONE WAS OBLIVIOUS, SELFISH OR JUST DID NOT CARE ENOUGH!

 My grandmother retired a Chicago Public School Teacher of 30 years and my good friend Wendie is a  recently retired CPS teacher, I know that teachers hear and see almost everything;  I am sure that if all of the children knew of the fight scheduled as it was, teachers must have known as well.  TEACHERS also have responsibilities to their students no matter how they do it, addressed or anonymous!   This fight was so out of control it may as well have happened inside of the school! 

 As you can see blame can be placed any and everywhere and at this point there is one thing that should be done daily and that is left to do and that is to pray.      No one has the answer but  God.

 I am not a fan of his but Mayor Daley did not do this and it seems that anything that happens south of the city is pretty much swept under the rug anyway.  Olympics?  Is this city safe enough for Olympics?  I am afraid to drive through the city to go downtown or come home from the city at night!   Friends invite me to their baby showers and birthdays in the city and I decline because I just don’t feel safe about it.   My husband and I operate our businesses within the city of Chicago and I am paranoid of even riding through quite a few of them even in broad daylight.

 The only thing that the Mayor of Chicago  can do is to Militarize these schools and if it comes to this it would be sad  but it will probably  work.

 Imagine:  CPS Schools run like military academies.  The streets in troubled neighborhoods run like military bases! Punishment would be harsh for those that did not walk the fine line.    Talk about loss of freedom!  but IT IS what we are asking for.   Understand that this could be next.



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